Object Lesson for the Firearms Industry: If he didn’t start the company, don’t let your president think he can out-design the engineering staff.

C. Edward Warner was Colt Industries Firearms Division’s president from August 1975 to June 1981. He had transferred over from his previous position as president of Colt Industries Elox Division, a manufacturer of electrical discharge machining (EDM) equipment. He was in fact an engineer, having previously worked for General Electric.

The revolver shown was part of a low cost revolver project. Note that there is no crane or ejector rod. The cylinder was meant to be be directly removed from the frame and swapable. Warner was assisted in this project by Wilhelm Dichter and Henry J. Tatro. They filed a patent application in July 1977, and received US Patent# 4,141,165 in February 1979.


Click below for an interview by Mas Ayoob of Warner from the March/April 1978 issue of American Handgunner. (Starts on Page 32) Note that Warner’s name is misspelled as Werner in the title.



  1. That thing is uglier than the product of incestuous sin.


  2. Tom Stone says:

    It kept someone preoccupied who otherwise might have caused more damage to Colt


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