Other than Dave Westerhout’s 1977 IPSC World Shoot win, the classic Browning Hi-Power hasn’t made much of a dent in the reign of the M1911 and CZ75-pattern pistols’ dominance of practical shooting competition. That said, this still hasn’t kept some gunsmiths and competitors from tilting at windmills. Today, we are going to show some classic modified BHP raceguns.

First up is an early variant of the Cylinder & Slide Equalizer conversion. While the 1987-era ad shows Mag-Na-Porting, this one has Schuemann Hybrid-style ports.

1987 Ad

The next example looks like it was built in stages by different gunsmiths. The top end looks like a late generation Cylinder & Slide Equalizer. However, the bottom end looks like it might have been built by Behlert Custom or his successor, Art Leckie. Note that the base frame is a rare FN GP Competition model, with the magazine disconnect relocated from the trigger to the frame. (Look for the pin hole in the frame behind the trigger guard opening.

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