In a previous comment, Shawn mentioned wanting a .41 Magnum Python. All of the known examples are custom aftermarket builds. Today, we are going to look at some side-by-side comparisons of a factory .357 Mag and a .41 Mag conversion. It won’t take much guessing to see why Colt never made the .41 Mag a factory offering for the Python.


  1. david clay says:

    I know all about them because I built nearly every one of them at Peebles gun shop in Arlington texas in the late 70s and early 80s the 8 barrels were from west texas wholesale they were target 38 spl factory guns that colt thought would be a big seller cause of all the ppc shooting contest going on then. but they were a flop no one would buy them. so west texas wholesale hired us to convert 400 of their 38’s guns to 41 mag. so if you get a letter from colt and it comes back 38 you’ll know why. all we did is bore cyl. and make a bbl sleeve like a dan wesson. then screw the barrel in to head space slide the sleeve on and silver solder the front end then unscrew the bbl and solder the back end. we made a base plate for the mill and screwed the barrel in it. then had a 5/8 drill if memory serves, ground with a 357 pilot. then drill through tell the sleeve pops loose. before drilling the barrel i ground off the 357 or 38 markings and restamped with the stamps we had made at the company that makes brownells stamps. a little more to it but that’s the basics. we built another 75 I would guess and 1 in 44spl nickel gun that was stolen at a gun show. but you had to turn down the case rims for it to load. anyway, we stopped after Colt came to us and asked us to quit because people were buying them as factory gun, and then doing trigger jobs getting them out of time spliting forcing cones. so thats the story they looked factory and never were intended to fool anyone it just happened over time. david clay.


  2. david clay says:

    if you look closely at the pic above you can see the double strike on the letter O in python. That’s because we had the stamp made off of a 357 barrel and it was two-piece. top line and bottom line. pretty cool now to look back at something you did 50 yrs ago as a mystery now. but colt knows the story!!!! they came to us in like 1982 asking us to stop because they looked too good! we charged 325$ retail back then which was a lot. and 200 for west texas wholesale as I remember.


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