Before Jack Weigand went all-in as the manufacturer of firearms optic mounts, he was a respected pistolsmith. He briefly ran the Springfield Armory Custom Shop after Les Baer left. Weigand even tried to give it a go as the Taurus Custom Shop manager before deciding that was a dead end.

During the early 1990s, Weigand was enamored with Wil Schuemann’s Hybra-Port technology, and started to offer pistol and revolver conversions utilizing it. One of his neatest conversions was the 4PJ “Executive,” featuring a four-port Shilen barrel fitted to a centerfire S&W J-Frame revolver.

While most were likely built on a S&W Model 640, today’s example was built on a Model 940, a five-shot 9x19mm.


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  1. Tom Stone says:

    Sweet, but I do wonder how much flash you’d get at night.
    And it looks almost unfired which is just WRONG.


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