I figured we would stick to a custom revolver theme for another day or so. Today, we find out what happens when a Ruger and a Colt love each other very, very much.

Bill Davis ran one of the most influential revolver gunsmithing operations on the West Coast. He was the man to see if you wanted a top-flight PPC competition revolver. However, he could build a mean duty or carry revolver too.

One of the trendy customs of the 1970s was to mate a Colt Python barrel to a Smith & Wesson K- or N-frame. You got the slick action of the S&W with the more accurate 1-14″ twist barrel of the Colt. Davis ultimately thought that Ruger owners were feeling left out, and created the “Cougar,” mating a Python barrel to a Ruger Security Six. A little latter, he came up with the limited edition, fixed-sight “Rattler,” mating a Colt Detective Special barrel to Ruger Speed Six frame.

1980 Ad

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