Last of the 2021 Hi Powers made it back from DLC today. Take a good look, I doubt you will see too many Famco Lightweight Beavertail frames 😉One of the holdups on this last Hi Power in this batch was the Thumb safety, the customer wanted something Garthwaite-esque. This request sparked a memory from when I was a Fledgling Baby Gunsmith, in which while calling Jim to order some of his Hi Power triggers, I asked (maybe even begged) him to sell me some of his extended safeties. He remained steadfast with a No answer, in spite of me offering him 300+ dollars per part, the jist of his No response basically boiled down to him impressing on me that they were a ‘no money’ part. At the time I thought perhaps that meant he would not sell them for any price, as they were ‘his’, even though he sold his triggers, leaving me perplexed.Poring the internet over looking for pictures of Jim’s safety to fuel this project left me thinking, man, there are no 3 of these the same! With no apparent roadmap I tore into a OEM ambi, and started welding, shaping, serrating, bending, welding more, blending, beveling, installing, feeling it out, and well, 4 days later I know EXACTLY what Jim meant by it being a ‘No Money’ part. I don’t know what The ole master charged to add this to one of his builds, but it wasn’t enough. Anyhow, While not a clone of his work, I like to think this part is inspired by his work. All in all, I am pretty pleased with it. It looks and feels quite organic, and I like that in a Thumb safety…-Karl

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