The new book in Hunter’s series featuring Bob Lee Swagger came out last week, if you didn’t know. I finished it last night and thought I would review it for you. It’s going to be a little stream of conscience, since I didn’t think about what I was going to say before starting.

The plot of this one follows from the last book. Bob Lee stopped a arab sniper from killing a ex president that is basically Obama. Bob is seriously wounded in the effort and is now recovering. Of course he is outed by some one in the media and becomes a hero. Then some congressmen/women decided to drag Bob in front of a congressional hearing in an attempt ruin him to gain favor with their far left base so they can win re-election. Some Chechen mafia types escape prison about the time the hearing is going on and crash into the venue and takes them hostage. How this happens is, the hearing is held in a town near where Bob lives because he is still recovering from his wounds and the politicians want to look like they are being deferential to the hero before they try to ruin him. Its plausible in the story with the details and set up I left out. I won’t go into it much more because you may want to read it.

Some thoughts.

Hunter is still a traditional right ring republican boomer type still in love with the FBI. It’s clear he still thinks there are a lot of good Top. Men. in the FBI and so they feature heavily in the story as usual. All I can figure is Hunter has many friends in the FBI. No one with any sense trusts a damned one of them anymore.

The attempt to ruin Swagger in the book would be absurd 10 years ago. Now it is too believable to be satire. The in all but name, stand ins for Pelosi and Schiff are very sightly exaggerated versions that are recognizable. Hunter is very good at this sort of thing. They basically stage a different version of the Trump impeachment on Bob, and it fails, of course. I wish I could tell you that Hunter had the balls to do what would have been very cathartic for a lot of people once the action starts. But on the other hand it probably is more realistic, true evil, politicians, never really do get what they deserve. Hunter is likely also one of those guys that still maintains some leftist shitbag friends since he still lives int he DC sphere of influence and doesn’t want to ruin is social life.

There is also a side story threaded in about the start of the Swagger family that leads all the way back to the revolutionary war. That part bored the hell out of me.

One thing about Hunter is you can tell what new gun or round he is fascinated by while he is writing a book because he manages to talk a lot about it in the book. In the last two books it’s clear he is very take by the 6.5 Creemoore Jeus H Christ Round.

Bob is still Bob. As comforting as the grip of a 1911. Most of his usual supporting cast is there. A couple of new characters are introduced that I hope make a come back. An ex Delta force operator and an explosives expert are a major part of the story, Both mercenaries with a very flexible morality. I could use a book just on those two guys exploits.

Best part of all was Hunter’s final sentence in the book. He promises the next book will be about Earl, Bob’s Dad, while he is fighting in the Pacific. Now, I love Bob Swagger but the books about Earl Swagger have often been better than some of the Bob Lee books. A Pale Horse Coming being a masterpiece of action thriller blending in real world gun personalities from the 50s. The first Earl book is Hot Springs, which starts right after the war with Earl getting the MOH from Truman, and its another masterpiece.

Verdict. It’s a Bob Lee Swagger novel, so it is of course worth buying and reading. Not his best, but still lots of fun just to read Hunter shit all over nancy pelosi and adam schiff via Bob.


  1. Tom Stone says:

    6.8 creedmoore is the HOT new cartridge, all the cool kids have at least one.
    I was talking to a nice young man a few months ago who had just purchased his first centerfire rifle, in 6.8 of course.
    A Ruger American with rails everywhere, a bipod and an 18 inch barrel.
    12 plus pounds with scope.
    Nice kid, he’ll learn the way we all do.


  2. Jsizzle says:

    I just realized every one of my rifles that aren’t .22’s or .556’s are some variation of 30 cal. I’ve thought about getting some of these 6 and 6.5 guns, just havn’t. I rarely shoot as distances or conditions that are above the capability of .308 or 30-06. So not for Fudd reasons, I’m just too cheap to get into a new round. I need to check these books out, never heard of Bob Lee Swagger. The name initially strikes me as if it should belong to a tv preacher who has a local TV Sunday gospel music show and regional brand of sausage only sold in Piggly Wigglys.


    1. Shawn says:

      first, there is nothing FUDD about sticking to 30 caliber. second, the 243WCF and the .260 remington would be my two recommendations instead of the 6.5 creedmoor.

      Last, The Bob Lee Swagger is some of the best fiction reading there is for gun guys. you are missing out. The first book, Point of Impact is a masterpiece.


    2. LSWCHP says:

      The movie Shooter with Mark Wahlberg is based off a Swagger book.


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