This Wiley Clapp Colt in .45 ACP was built by master pistol-smith Rob Schauland out of Alchemy Customs. The color case hardening is unmistakably by Doug Turnbull. I’m really not a nitre blue, color case, or Wiley Clapp guy, but I am a Colt guy, and I have always wanted a gun made by Rob. Bolivian Rosewood grips by Wood Caliber.

Colt 70 series .45 by Dick Heinie —a much later build than the comp I posted a few weeks back. This one is RH394–always under the thumb safety.

Combat Precision 1911 by Chris James out of South Carolina. I prefer classic two tone Colts from yesteryear smiths like Hoag and Heinie, but even kids know from video games that standing still will get you killed. So it doesn’t matter if we’re taking about cars, guns, or TVs, industries are driven by an evolution of refinement. If Swenson guns are a 1969 SS Chevelle, this is a 2018 BMW M5– engineered for performance. This gun shoots like something out of the Matrix—virtually morphing in and out of battery. It’s smooth smooth. With the exception of a few idiots, modern day pistolsmiths are way too smart to build on crooked Colt platforms, which is why it’s hard to find a Volkmann, Bunker, Biondo, or James gun built on a Colt. I find it particularly rewarding when I can. Why? Because Colts are fucking king.

I finally found one —Colt 70 series 1911 in 45 ACP by Lou Biondo out of Business End Customs. I am typically a two tone Colt (with checkering) guy, but for years I have admired the clean aesthetic of Lou’s builds. There’s a certain “rockstar sexiness” to his sinister grey aesthetic that I absolutely dig. When I see his guns I seee Metallica, a matte black AMG, and smoke on the water. What’s Lou like? Swipe left—he’s like that, and he sounds like Matt fucking Damon in Good Will Hunting.

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