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An interesting question to ponder centers on social unrest and whether those with the job to protect property would follow orders if told to shoot looters. Of course, the type of violence I’m alluding to extends far beyond anything we have seen in America or most western countries. Why people loot and how governments react is the issue. You can call it martial law if you like, but whatever name you place on it, those holding the power and the guns make the final decision.

Progressive leaders in some areas are no longer treating theft of $950 or less as felonies but as misdemeanors. This has led to a wave of smash-and-grab robberies. How do you stop this sort of growing social disorder from getting out of hand?Of course, the flaw in thinking you can create a goon squad to control the masses is that your enforcers may begin to sympathize with those they are employed to suppress. 

Considering how the military is moving towards more automated weapons that kill, it is difficult to think these weapons will not eventually find their way into law enforcement.To those in power, the great thing about robots and mechanical autonomous guards is they will carry out their missions as programed. Rest assured when push comes to shove those displaced from the job market and only able to scrape by will find they are only given enough to ensure they remain docile and behave. If and when this becomes an issue conflict and violence will rise.

Before his death, famed physicist Stephen Hawking warned that Earth is headed for a “catastrophic ending” as a result of rising inequality fueled by robots that grow increasingly smarter by the day. Hawking’s dire prediction came as robots and artificial intelligence started to take over human jobs. The McKinsey Global Institute predicts some 800 million people around the world will be displaced out of their jobs by 2030 as a result of automation. 

Without jobs, we stand the risk of losing our relevance in society. This creates a scenario of misery and conflict with many people displaced and those with little to lose fighting to merely survive. The topic of our future and culture always circles back to and is directly linked to the issue of jobs vanishing as automation and an army of robots march into our workplace. This can result in a future that takes on a very grim dystopian appearance. The fear of being replaced by a robot or seeing your job being outsourced or eliminated is on the rise.

Africa Has Witnessed Looting And Unrest

Many issues get swept under the rug or are often under-reported by mainstream media this includes the number of protests over lockdowns and mask mandates. Many Americans have paid little attention to the rampant looting and violence in South Africa in July of 2021.  In short, most people are ill-informed about what is happening across the world. This shocking video of the looting in South Africa signals the country is on the path to social and economic collapse.

Sadly, South Africa is just one of many countries where social unrest has been escalating. This makes it a more exaggerated version of what is playing out in many areas. In the case of South Africa, the government under the control of the African National Congress (ANC) already had a strong communist tilt before Covid-19 hit. Amendments being proposed to its constitution demanded that “reparations” be taken from white farmers which would then be redistributed to black citizens.

A similar movement is being pursued here in America as socialists/Marxists in the Democratic Party push some cities and states in the direction of  reparations. The tiny movement demanding reparations for blacks be written into law because of slavery nearly 200 years ago is real. At a time when we are witnessing growing economic inequality, this idea has a small but vocal base. Such social justice initiatives are often backed by those politicians and corporations interested individing us so they can gain more control.

This Is Also Happening Here In America

Circling back to the focus of this article, the question of “would they shoot?” The answer is after people cross a tipping point, they probably would. This creates a new question, where is that tipping point? The answer to this is a bit muddy but falls into the area of when authorities can get away with it. History shows genocide is far more common than people think but is rapidly hidden after it occurs.

Several signs have recently surfaced that scream problems ahead. What has become known as flash looting or smash and grab incidents are on the rise, this is especially true in areas where low-level crimes are not enforced. In these areas, it seems organized retail crime gangs are no longer content to just target large department or boutique stores where they can snatch high-value merchandise from shelves.

In places such as Mexico where criminal cartels run wild, it is not uncommon to see delivery trucks  hijacked in broad daylight. If you think America could never slip into such a dysfunctional state, already we are seeing shipments raided in transit. CBS Los Angeles recently reported that a section of train tracks in downtown Los Angeles has been littered with thousands of shredded boxes, packages stolen from cargo containers that stop in the area.

Destroyed Packages Left On Tracks By Looters

The raiding of containers double stacked on train cars has been documented by Photojournalist John Schreiber. He has tweeted shocking videos of packages torn apart and left on the tracks by looters after they raided trains stopped to be integrated into a shipping facility. Many of the boxes on the ground were from Amazon and UPS. The point is, the looters are people seeking easy-to-hit targets that can be easily converted to cash. 

The ugly truth is that once the genie of disorder gets out of the bottle it is difficult to get him back in. Sadly, the media and current culture has turned this into an issue where people focus on the color or race of the person committing these crimes rather than their actions and the consequences flowing from them. With all this the above in mind, it is important to remember that high-tech solutions are not the gift of freedom many people think. 

Those In Power May Secretly Develop New Weapons

We are being boxed in and many of our options are vanishing. Many people claim they have nothing to hide and use that as the reason they don’t object to the expanding web of surveillance being weaved over them. These people ignore the fact we are surrendering our right to freedom when society moves down this path. With around seven and a half billion people living on Planet Earth today and 10 billion predicted by 2050 even feeding our population may not be easy, especially if climate change adds to our problems. This brings us back to the prediction of famed physicist Stephen Hawking, that Earth is headed for a “catastrophic ending” in the near future.

Not only do those in power watch bad people, they decide who is bad and they watch everyone. So the point is, when does the shooting start?Throughout history, we have seen new weapons are often only revealed when those in power wish to make a statement. It is reasonable that in a scenario where it rapidly becomes clear the plant has too many people vying for dwindling resources that the huddled masses will be considered “the odd man out” and it is time to cull the herd to reduce the world’s population for “the greater good!”



  1. Jim Lindsay says:

    The next SA? Oh shit


  2. Rocketguy says:

    The Rittenhouse persecution was largely a message – “You see what we can do to this kid in the face of overwhelming video evidence? Don’t you dare.”


    1. Shawn says:

      I’ve said many times since then. if you have to pull a Rittenhouse and shoot one or two. Just keep on shooting and dont let them take you alive


  3. John M. says:

    What country does this guy live in? I think it would be awesome to live in a country where the people in charge were against looting and would consider opening fire on looters. In my country, the entirety of media, academia and inner party government support looting.

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