The following was just recently published on the USPTO website, and has not yet migrated to Google Patents. The depicted pistol looks like a cross between the Security-9 and the Ruger 57. The rod dot’s emitter is built into the rear sight,and will not require suppressor-height iron sights to co-witness.


  1. John M. says:

    That’s really interesting. I’ve been waiting for pistol design to catch up with red dots. It seems like having the sight bang around on the slide isn’t optimal. I was not expecting this, but it’s clever. I think we will see lots, lots more like this as people re-envision the form factor of the pistol to account for new sighting systems.

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  2. Rocketguy says:

    I like the idea of eliminating the adapter plate and mounting the dot low enough that suppressor-height sights aren’t required. It’s not obvious to me how the battery is accessed – that could be a hassle. Life is all about trade offs…


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