Last week, I show cased a few of favorite .41 Magnum revolvers of the late gunwriter Frank W. James. Today, I thought I’d show off a few of his custom semi-auto pistols. Alas, I don’t know who ultimately ended up with these.

First up is a two-tone Colt Government Model from George Huening back when he was doing business as World Class Pistols, Inc. (WCPI). Unlike the rest of the pistols being shown off, this one is a .45 Auto. Note the extra short trigger, necessary because of Frank’s truncated trigger finger, having been previously mangled by a carnivorous piece of farm machinery.

Next up is a Colt Delta Elite from Richard Heinie. Frank reportedly had two Delta Elite from Heinie, but he wore out the first. This one wears a CMC/STI carbon fiber/titanium short trigger and Heinie’s XX Mag Well.

Frank also had Heinie customize a rare Springfield Armory 10mm. Note that it is set up the same way as the Delta Elite. This one was clearly not used as hard though.

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  1. Tom Stone says:

    Very nice 1911’s, thanks for the gun porn!


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