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Readers have been well informed the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) is on a mission this election year to attack the gun industry ahead of midterms to please the Biden administration’s anti-gun lobbyist and voters. We’ve told readers the Justice Department is preparing to release a new set of rules this spring to regulate so-called “ghost guns.” 

Ahead of the ruling, the federal government is preparing to shut down law-abiding and freedom-loving Americans who are legally (for now) assembling ghost guns in their garages or basements and publishing videos on social media. These unserialized guns spark concern with the ATF because they cannot track them. 

Bloomberg reports Democratic Senators Richard Blumenthal, Bob Menendez, Chris Murphy, Cory Booker, and Ed Markey are calling on Silicon Valley’s Big Tech to censor anyone who posts a video of a ghost gun. The senators have explicitly called on YouTube to remove all users’ videos who post information videos on ghost guns, such as manufacturing and assembly. 

“While we acknowledge and appreciate that YouTube has engaged with congressional staff about this problem and, in recent weeks, removed some of these videos, we are alarmed that an extensive amount of this dangerous content still exists on YouTube,” lawmakers told YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki in a letter. They said the measures YouTube have already taken are “insufficient.” 

Responding to the senators is Maryland-based (right outside of Washington, D.C.) gun advocacy group The Machine Gun Nest said, “of course, Democratic senators would be begging for more censorship of homemade firearms videos, even though the majority of these videos do not violate YouTube’s current terms of service.” 

“This is similar to their approach for gun control in general, constantly moving the goalposts. The removal of YouTube videos does little to stop the production of homemade firearms… Silencing or de-platforming their opposition is akin to winning the argument. Unless blocks of aluminum, CNC machines, PLA plastic, and 3D printing are banned, it’s unlikely we’ll ever see the end of homemade firearms (just maybe on liberal-owned social media platforms).”

Other Democratic lawmakers have shown little appetite for Biden’s gun-control legislation ahead of the midterms because it’s such a controversial issue. 

Igor Volsky, the co-founder of Guns Down America, told Reuters that Democratic Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer from New York had promised anti-gun violence lobbyist the Senate would vote on background checks legislation. Still, the bills have yet to make it to the floor. 

“We’ve been promised by Senate Majority Leader Schumer as far back as March, April [of 2021] that there would be a vote during the summer, then it got pushed back even further. They’re using this familiar playbook of making all kinds of promises during the campaign and then fail to deliver anything when they’re in power,” Volsky said.  

One of the main reasons why Biden’s gun-control legislation has become so unpopular among lawmakers is that progressive D.A.s across the country who favor decriminalization of petty crimes have transformed their counties and or cities into violent messes. Since the pandemic, people from both political parties have panic-bought guns and ammo as America transformed into what some describe as a ‘third world country.’ 

The increasing support for guns has become so massive that more than 62.5% of all U.S. counties are covered by either state or county-level 2A gun sanctuary resolutions, ordinances, or laws. The number is increasing, and the data below is from September 2021. 

… and this is why Beto O’Rourke backtracked last week from his 2019 comments that he would confiscate AR-15s. 

So the attempt to de-platform ghost gun creators from YouTube will only drive these creators to conservative social media outlets as liberals, no pun intended, ‘shoot themselves in the foot’ by tackling such a controversial issue at the same time as their own policies have turned American cities into violent messes. 

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  1. James says:

    Ah,that horse left the bar n decades ago!Those videos all over the net and have been archived.
    The feds so worried,why do they not talk about TM 31-210 tech manual of improvised explosives that the feds released?!


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