Today’s Throwback Thursday pistol is a mid-1980s build from San Antonio, TX-area gunsmith Greg Ferris. You may remember Mas Ayoob, Kerby Smith, and The Blue Press writing up Ferris’ two gunfights with local gang bangers who tried to rob his store. The first incident ended with one robber getting chewed up with 12 Gauge buckshot before being crippled for life with a Foster Slug to the spine. The second incident had a robber DRT via a .38 Super.

The pistol shown here was Ferris’ Bianchi Cup pistol, jokingly dubbed the HZ-57, short for Heinz 57. It started as a Springfield Armory .38 Super. An extension was added to the dust cover of the frame. The barrel is fixed in place at both ends. As you can see, there are no longer any locking lugs on the barrel or slide; the pistol is now a straight blowback. The hood of the barrel was lengthened to keep live rounds from being ejected out of the ejection port via inertia.

The first photo shows the pistol with an Aimpoint 2000 mounted directly to the rear of the barrel and the forward barrel support. The muzzle piece was threaded into the front of the barrel support. Shown in the first photo is a finger rest suitable for use in the Barricade Event at the Bianchi Cup. The second photo shows a flush fit muzzle piece, presumably for Steel Challenge matches.

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