I was flipping through the November 2021 issue of Guns & Ammo magazine when I came across a magazine ad for the OKC retractable bayonet. Yes, that is exactly what it sounds like.

Here is the product description from OKC’s website.

Designed for increased means of self-defense to work with or as a backup to your firearm for when hand-to-hand combat becomes necessary, the OKC Retractable Bayonet could be just the weapon you need when in a life-threatening situation. The new OKC Retractable Bayonet easily attaches to your AR, or any firearm outfitted with a Picatinny Rail System.  Featuring a 6-inch retractable blade crafted with high quality .1875”-thick S35VN steel (with blade hardened to 59 Rockwell C), the bayonet measures 13-inches in open position, and 7-inches when closed. With simple one-handed operation, the bayonet deploys with a quick pull of its spring-loaded, stainless steel knob. This same knob can be used to easily retract the blade back into its carriage when not in use. With multiple mounting options, the blade can be positioned forward or further back on the firearm to custom fit the barrel, and the user’s preference to how much blade is exposed beyond the barrel.  The multi-functional blade can also be taken off the firearm and used as a regular knife.

Image from OKC’s product website

The OKC Retractable Bayonet has a 6-inch long by 1.5-inch-wide housing constructed from 6061-T6 aluminum with a black anodized finish. This means the bayonet is not only durable and sleek looking, but also incredibly lightweight, weighing in at less than a pound.

The price? Are you sitting down? $599.00

So yeah, a $600.00 rail mounted, spring-loaded bayonet. Sadly, it appears they used the old M7 bayonet blade. Personally, I’m not a fan of this…especially at the crazy price of $599.00. I have always thought very, very highly of OKC bayonet products. This seems such a far stretch from what they are known for it almost doesn’t seem real. Some people will think the product is great and that is ok.

Here is the product link: https://ontarioknife.com/products/okc-retractable-bayonet?variant=40180568785067


  1. BAP45 says:

    geeze. I mean I can sort of see it. especially if it was like a 5th the price. but wow. are we sure this wasn’t an April’s fools thing


    1. Brent says:

      April Fool’s was the first thing I thought of also! Lol!!


  2. ptmn says:

    They must not be selling too well, since they knocked the process down to $499 on their website.

    I kind of chuckle at items like this…I’m thinking 5 bills for a useless item, yet I’m sure some people have forked over their cash, otherwise they wouldn’t be offering them up for sale.

    I might be enticed to get one for the novelty of it once they drop the price down to less than 50 bucks, but I wouldn’t pay a penny more than that.

    Never found much use for bayonets in the sandbox. In fact, my teams never even brought them overseas where they could be lost. They just sat in the team room where it was easy to out eyes on during the sensitive or cyclic inventories, so we wouldn’t get jammed up over unaccounted property book items.

    Closest thing to a bayonet for me was an Ek Bowie knife I carried on my first tour. Subsequent overseas trips I left it at home and just stuck with either my Spyderco Delicate or my old beat up M3 Trench Knife. Both of which I still own, despite retiring from the Green Machine.


    1. Brent says:

      I carried a Phrobis M9 bayonet when in Iraq in 03-04 but it was just a convenient tool for opening MRE & ammo boxes.


    2. John M. says:

      The Brits did a bayonet charge during the GWOT, in Afghanistan, I think.


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