I told you guys about this a couple years ago and a few of you got in on it. Seems it was a big hit so I thought I had better do it again. I have been wearing one of their “Less Than Perfect” belts for 3 years and if it was less than perfect, I couldn’t find the imperfection anywhere on it when I got it.


Less than perfect belts are characterized by:

1. Scars, nicks, and scratches that are outside of our normal range.
2. Scuffs and abrasions from customers trying on the belts to check for fit with their holster attached.
3. Color is out of spec or inconsistent dyeing.
4. Thickness slightly out of spec. This is not noticeable to the eye, but if a belt comes in at .22 when the minimum is .23 it is considered an LTP Belt.
5. Cosmetics on buckles like chips in finish.

We have priced these belts aggressively and supply of these belts will exceed demand. However, there are stipulations on purchasing an LTP belt. We cannot:

1. Look through the belts and pick one for you. LTP belts are packaged pre-inspected so no belts with major issues are sold. All LTP belts will provide the same performance as our Non-LTP belts.

2. Accept returns or exchanges on LTP belts. All sales are final. If this is a concern we recommend you order a first quality belt with free returns and exchanges.

3. Let you know when an LTP belt is available in your size. Due to the fast-moving nature of these belts, they are all sold on a first-come-first-served basis.

4. No additional discounts or codes can be applied to LTP belts. 

Hanks LTP belts are a great value but will sell fast at this price. Even with the minor imperfections, these belts will look better than other first quality belts you have worn for a week.

LTP belts carry a 1-year warranty.

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  1. It's just Boris says:

    Thanks. One on order.


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