The last year or two has really cut into my reloading components. At one time all that space was taken up by bullets and primers and even more powder. 5 years worth of stuff is usually what I have in personal stock. Last summer, I stupidly played Santa Claus and gave some stuff to a couple of trusted friends. Favors huh?

Yesterday I went out to reload some of the 218 Bee cases I used on crows and had to look at this sad state of affairs.


  1. Rocketguy says:

    No kidding – it’s sad to hit the sites and only find a handful of odd-ball components in stock. It has gotten a little better in the local stores but that is likely due to jacking the prices up. $38/lb powder and $75 for 100 Bergers will do that…


  2. Jsizzle says:

    I havn’t started reloading yet, but am going to go ahead and dive in. I’m aware it’s a crap time to start, but now or never. Are there any kits or a particular brand you recommend? Is that RCBS? Someone I know said “get Dillon, it’s the best” but HOLY CRAP it’s pricey.


    1. Shawn says:

      RCBS is what I use


      1. Wild, wild west says:

        Yeah, I started reloading in 1969 and used to run almost all RCBS stuff, probably 90% at least.
        Then I got one of their Summit presses a few years ago. It was such a fantastically wonderful experience, and their customer service department was so flamboyantly helpful that I’ve sworn off RCBS products for the rest of my life. Being talked to like I’m stupid has a tendency to bring out the best in me.


    2. Rocketguy says:

      Another vote for RCBS – they’re a pretty good balance between quality and price. The only reason I can see for going to Dillon is high-rate progressive loading.


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