So I got one of the Otte Gear Aloha Shirts and was planning to write a blurb or review of it. I took pictures and everything.

Then something felt familiar about it. And I realized that Shawn had already done the exact same thing! So that was out.


But honestly though they are awesome shirts. I got this one on sale which is really the only way I would ever bring myself to pay this much for a shirt but it was worth it. The fabric and stitching are top notch and the pattern and details are really sharply printed. I really wish/hope they do these more often as they are super cool shirts.

But all that isn’t really “new” content is it?

Still smarting from losing Geared Up, an opportunity come up that was headache in itself. But I was able to will it into fruition and that has helped make up for the February of Frustration. What is this opportunity? I bought a WWII vintage Willys MB (Jeep). I’m not clear yet on the date of manufacture as it’s a bit of a mix master.

quasi face reveal?

I’ve wanted one for probably 25 years so when the chance came up I jumped. It needs some work so I figure I can document the process. I’m not planning a full on frame off restoration but just need it to be street legal and purty. You guys can follow along while I tinker and hopefully not screw up too bad.


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