Transition marksman rifles are hard enough to come by. When they are chambered in .257 Roberts, you have found something truly special. This one looks all original and like it’s been sitting in a time capsule since 1948. But probably a bit too good to be true – we suspect it’s been to the beauty parlor. Regardless, this is an impossibly hard-to-find rifle and in stunning condition. It’s going to look amazing in someone’s armory.-


  1. Rocketguy says:

    Classy. Certainly more so than the Ruger I’m developing loads for. I’m a big fan of the Roberts-class cartridges and the Roberts itself just because it’s different. The Ruger is a handy little carbine and will be a great deer rifle…if I can get it to shoot better than 4-6 inch patterns…


    1. Shawn says:

      I never had any luck getting rugers to shoot much better than 2 MOA even with endless handload experimenting


      1. Rocketguy says:

        I’m pretty realistic in my expectations – not planning to whack groundhogs at 400 yds…but I would like to be able to take a whitetail at 200 without saying a little prayer.


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