I saw this image above on facebook and it reminded me of a story my Dad told about his first week in Vietnam. On some main base before going out to a firebase he was in an ammo bunker with some other new guys and 4 -5 veterans getting ready to go back home. It was night and they were in there relaxing and trying to stay cool.

Another vet about to go home was outside and decided to play a prank. He took the fuse off a hand grenade, pulled the pin and let the fuse go off, then screwed it back on.

He walked down into the bunker full of the guys and hundreds of 155 artillery rounds and announced he couldn’t stand the thoughts of going back to the US and was going to end it all while holding up the frag and pulling the pin. Dad said it was 7 full grown men all trying to get out of the little tiny bunker door all at the same time. As if they could have ran far enough away to have been safe anyway if the grenade had detonated all the artillery rounds in there.

After they realized what had happened, Dad said the veterans about to go home took turns beating on the prankster for an hour and the entire time the guy never stopped laughing.

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  1. Wild, wild west says:

    Yeah, that’s a hoot. Being short had its moments. The “freedom bird” that brought me back flew through a hella thunderstorm somewhere between TSN and Japan. Severe turbulence, lightning, the works. If we’d have gone down, it would have been into the open ocean, and all we could have done was ride it down, ker-splat. Sayonara. I never felt so scared before, or since.


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