First project on the jeep was to get the rear seat fixed up and a seat belt for the clones installed. It was missing the brackets that hold it in place and I wanted a proper belt to keep them from getting bounced out.

Before (essentially)

Looked like a quick and easy fix. Just get the seat set and bolt the new brackets in. The seat is held down by a spring bar on each side. But I couldn’t get the seat to lift up for the life of me. So I had to remove the spring retainers first. Ignore the silver screws those are ones I had put in as place holders.

passenger side
driver side

So after getting the screws out and breaking one off I had the seat out. (yes that’s rhino liner, honestly I kind of like it even though its super anachronistic)

Now time to add the brackets that hold the back of the seat in place. I bought these from as they seem to have the lowest prices.

Easy right? Famous last words. So as I position the seat I can’t seem to get it to sit to where I can install the brackets. the rear bar of the seat seems either too big or warped, or both. Well crap, now what? After some internet sleuthing and talking with other more knowledgeable guys (‘cough’ la.tac.res ‘cough’) it looks like the seat is actually an old reproduction. Which explains all the fitment issues and why sheet metal screws were used to attach the cushions (there are no screw holes like normal). Welp, 1 more thing to add to the “to do/replace” list.

So plan B is to just run a screw and nut in from the inside of the body and have that hold the seat in place. Not ideal or what I wanted but will do the trick until I get a proper seat.

Not great but works

Since I had planned on attaching the seat belt to those brackets I had to come up with a plan B. Fortunately there is a hole just below either corner that works perfectly. Only downside is now I need a longer seat belt as the position is farther back.

Last thing I did was reattach the bottom pad the right way. The screws are supposed to attach from the inside not the outside.

I still need to add the hooks that hold the back in place but I need some riv-nuts or riv-studs first as the original studs were ground off years ago. So until I can find some I just used the extra length of the gas can strap to chinch the back tight. So I’ll call this project temporarily complete for now, on to the next.

Finished (for now)

I little post script that I just found clever. the angle of the wheel well and hole position for one of the bolts for the spring retainers is such that it perfectly holds the nut in place while screwing the bolt in. Just thought that was some clever engineering.

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  1. Tom Stone says:

    There’s a 1941 Willy’s pickup truck in town that is in showroom condition.
    I drool a little every time I see it.
    Keep plugging away and you will have a beauty in a year or two.


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