Next project was to clean up the storage compartments. I’m just going to show the one side since it required the most work and there’s no point in showing an identical bin. Both sides were rusty and dirty as there are various holes that go to the rear wheel well. The one side had been turned into an ice chest. It was actually done pretty well and I was tempted to leave it but there was no proper drain hole and the roof was uncovered and so pretty rusty.

Most of the foam popped out easy but the door had an insane amount of epoxy on it. So it was a lot of scrapping, wire brushing and wire wheeling.

Clone Alpha seemed to enjoy getting to help work on the jeep and was a pretty good helper to boot.

After all the grinding I sprayed and rubbed a bunch of Rust-Oleum Rust Dissolver in the various storage boxes and let it sit for a while. The Rust Dissolver works well but it leaves a pretty thick film so required a ton of paper towels and Clorox wipes to get it back out of there. End results are pretty nice and now I don’t have to worry about needing a tetanus shot after sticking my hand in them. Junior helped and seemed to be pretty pleased with his work. He did one bin mostly on his own. I did the glove box too and it was the same process but with a lot deeper rust. There had been a carpet piece in there I assume to keep everything from rattling around but it probably soaked up moisture and then sat there. Still more little things to be done like seals and a new lock but over all pretty pleased.

Quick project: These tire pressure numbers are a post war thing. So ok for Korea and Vietnam but not WWII. Luckily these were just stickers so peeled off without much trouble

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  1. James says:

    Nice project,am doing a 1981 Chevy van with Pathfinder conversion(4×4),almost there but parked for winter and pulled battery,sigh…..,battery pan pretty rusty and a pain to get at.I will attack in about another 2 weeks when know spring is really here,will be first job as why put battery in when need to do this,so,do the pan and then put battery in.

    New motor,rebuilt corporate axles/new tranny/transfer case,still needs new seats/wiper motor and arms/windshield washer fluid unit,gas gauge hookup/stereo and am sure other little odds and ends.

    I will be in end in it between 22-25 grand but basically brand new/a ease to work on especially with lift,less then half the price of a new truck and just something one rarely sees on road.

    Best of luck with your project,hmmmmmm……,perhaps I need to find me a helper!

    What will be the final new liner for boxes?


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