Ah the 1960’s, there has to be something for everyone to like from that decade. From cars to style to innovations. The decade might be long gone but The former TWA terminal at JFK airport has been turned into a hotel/museum and it looks like they really put the effort in to it. As a bonus you can stay in this hotel without having to actually go into NYFC. It’s a long video but is a pretty fun watch if your a history or aviation geek. Greg’s channel also has a ton of really detailed muscle car and aircraft videos so if you are into those you will probably find yourself going down the rabbit hole like I did.


  1. I love this kind of mid century architecture.
    It seems so optimistic.


  2. BAP45 says:

    I miss architecture of previous decades. So much more care and attention. Every from the 70s on just seems to get plainer.


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