Colt series 70 1911 in 45 ACP by the venerable Chuck Rogers. I chased this gun for a long long time. I kinda scratched the itch years ago when I bought a Kimber that Chuck did some machine work on, but it certainly wasn’t a “full house” custom. So I sold it. The best or nothing right? I knew the right gun would come…it would just require patience. It would have to be a Colt, it would have to be a full house custom, and it would have to be a simple build. Oh yea, it would have to have golf balls. Well my patience paid off recently when a friend called and said he was helping a client liquidate a fairly extensive collection. Is there a Rogers I gun I said? He responded there’s a damn near perfect example built on a Colt. The rest is history as they say. I love this example on several different fronts as follows: The first is that it is a simple build — not a lot of unnecessary (and distracting) slide cuts and reliefs. Less is more. Secondly, it’s a stainless gun, which I think shows off Chuck’s detailed hand work much better than his painted guns. Finally, and likely of most importance to me, I found out after I bought it, that a good friend was the one who commissioned the build. That explains why it’s perfect — everything you need in a Chuck gun and nothing you don’t. Hell I’m not even going to change the hex screws. Chuck Rogers is on my top 10 GOAT list.

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  1. Wild, wild west says:

    That’s really nice, I’m a big fan of non-embellished simplicity. Wouldn’t mind seeing more pics if you ever get the urge to.


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