Front of package

I have had this Ruger branded laser in my firearms stash for two or three years now. I bought it on ‘clearance’ sale from Aim Surplus I think it was for something like $19.99. I remember seeing the ad and thinking “this thing is so cheap, it is worth getting just for the novelty of it.” Since the item was also Ruger branded, I figured what the hell and ordered one.

Rear of package

Fast forward a few years and one house move later, I am still unpacking my stuff from the move. Tonight, I came across this 10/22 laser and decided to get my Ruger 10/22 out of the safe and get it installed.

The product is very straight forward and only takes a couple of minutes to install.

Layout of the product

The accessory comes with the laser body/barrel band assembly, instructions, two screws and a hex wrench. The laser body has a removable half that gives you access to the battery compartment that houses a 1/3N battery. The two screws are Phillips-head screws and they secure the removable half of the laser body.

Left side of laser body/barrel band assembly
Front/bottom view of the laser body/barrel band assembly
Right side of laser body/barrel band assembly
The rear view of laser body/barrel band assembly

To install the new laser body/barrel band assembly, you simply remove the factory rifle barrel band, loosen the barrel band assembly on the laser body using a screw/nut on the right side. Slide the laser body/barrel band assembly over the barrel onto the stock/barrel. Tighten down the screw/nut assembly on the right side of the laser body.

Left side of the laser body/barrel band assembly after installation.
Right side/front view of the laser body/barrel band assembly after installation. Note the hole for the insertion of the allen key to make Left/Right dot adjustments.

The laser alignment adjustments are very sensitive, and it doesn’t take much movement of the adjusting screws to make significant changes in the up/down or left/right alignment of the laser dot.

Bottom view of the laser body/barrel band assembly after installation. The on/off switch for the laser is a simple straight plastic pin that push left/right to turn the laser on. There is a neutral, central position that is felt by an internal detent that is the position for ‘off’. Notice in the center the hole for the insertion of the hex key for up/down adjustment of the laser.

In the image below, I projected the dot onto a wall in my basement that was about 25-feet away. You can see the dot on the wall just above the right side of the chair back in the rear. The dot was bright and prominent. The laser dot isn’t as bright in normal room light but that could be due to a weak battery. The battery that the laser sight uses is a 1/3N cell and has been in the sight for several years.

My initial dot alignment is just ‘lollipop’ position above the front sight bead. The dot looks higher below due to the orientation of my cell phone which I used to take the photograph.


Overall, the accessory seems to be made well. I think it will be durable enough for range use and light duty use around a property. I don’t think it would stand up to the rigors of Civil War Part Deux in suburban U.S.A.

I’m glad I finally popped this out of the package and got it installed. Perhaps I will get it to the range this spring and have a follow-on accuracy report for you. My one recommendation for a product improvement would be integrate storage of the hex key into the laser body assembly somehow so that you can make sight alignment changes on the go more easily.


  1. RSR says:

    Use it regularly for varmint work at night around the homestead. Yes, lollipop over irons is best to confirm zero. Forward rails on it also helpful for mounting a WML. Laser bright enough to see with a 300 lumen or so WML. (Just use a cheap cr123a one off of amazon w/ pressure switch — picked up light for $30 5 or so years ago, mount light opposite body/support hand and run pressure switch cable to taped on body/support hand.) Main challenge these days for this is finding traditional 10/22 stocks w/ the retaining band… I don’t run an optic on my 10/22, so this is why it’s my night mount.


    1. RSR says:

      *FWIW, believe it was CDNN who had them stupid cheap circa 2018 or 2019 on clearance…


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