The Contractor is the new action thriller starring Chris Pine and Ben Foster, a duo I think makes a great team after seeing them work together in Hell or High Water.

Pine is a Army Special Forces soldier that’s pretty well used up by the start of the film. He’s using various drugs to help hide all of his injuries from the army till he gets caught in a routine blood test.  Kicked loose, he now doesn’t know what to do with himself as he has a wife and kid to feed and a house to pay for.  After going to the funeral of a friend, he meets up with another old war buddy who recruits him into work with him as a private military contractor for Kiefer Sutherland and his PMC company.

The team go to Berlin to grab some intel from a scientist they believe is developing a bio weapon. They grab the stuff, kill the dude, and burn down the lab. On the way out, the local Kraut cops turn up and a firefight starts.  Everyone on the team is killed, Foster is  wounded, and Pine saves him and gets them out of there. Foster has to leave Pine behind because of his various service related injuries, and tells him to go to a local hotel for E&E  so he can be extracted.

The Contractor Chris Pine 2022

To absolutely no one’s surprise the deal was dirty and now Sutherland has men out to kill Pine to tie up loose ends.  We then follow Pine in some Jason Bourne type stuff out of Europe and then head back to the states where it all ends in a shitty climax. Pine kills Sutherland and gets his revenge and Foster dies in the assault on Sutherland’s ranch while helping Pine. Pretty lame over all.

Very disappointing movie.  The trope of the shadowy corrupt PMC company is now tiresome and old hat. The gunfights are not convincing and lame. The hand to hand stuff is pretty lame.  The final gunfight is lame.  Even the guns are lame.  At one point, an idiot is shooting at Pine and doesn’t even have sights on his AR15. Pathetic.

Pine and Foster’s acting is great. But not good enough to make the movie worth a damn. It was so bland I really didn’t even want to write a review of it.

2 out of 5. It gets a 2 instead of one because It was slightly good enough for me to sit through the entire thing though. My advice is to go watch Hell or High Water instead

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