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The final rule also exempts from the new definitions and marking requirements existing split frame or receiver designs in which a part was previously classified by ATF as the firearm “frame or receiver” and provides examples and pictures of select exempted frames or receivers, such as AR-15/M-16 variant firearms. The only exception to “grandfathering” will be for partially complete, disassembled, or nonfunctional frames or receivers, including weapon or frame or receiver parts kits, that ATF did not classify as firearm “frames or receivers”as defined prior to this rule


  1. Rocketguy says:

    I love intentionally obtuse wording like this. I used to call it lawyer-speak but it’s not even that. It’s intentionally hard to interpret so they can make it mean whatever they need it to mean based on the situation.

    Click, click goes the ratchet.

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  2. Tom Stone says:

    With food prices likely to double by August,the virus ripping through the populace and a summer of unprecedented wildfires I can see why this legislation is being pushed.
    Are you ready for President Harris?


  3. John M. says:

    Has anyone found a summary of what the regs actually say?


    1. Rocketguy says:

      Everything I’m seeing says it’s so vague and confusingly worded that no one can say for sure. Even in cases where they provide specific examples, they follow up with weasel words about how this shouldn’t be construed to cover every situation calling it all into question again.

      Suspect there will be lots of lawsuits while innocent and well-meaning people are crushed by the system.


      1. John M. says:

        Yeah, I’m reading that too. I guess it would be nice to know if there’s anything clearly in-bounds or out-of-bounds under the new rules. Can I order a firing pin by mail? Finish a P80 Glock-off?


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