From the SOA – 1SG (Ret) Bernard Bright
April 15, 2022 (Age 87)
Port Saint Lucie, Florida
Special Forces / MACV-SOG
SFA Chapter 85 / SOA Mem #651GL
Bernie Bright, age 87, passed away on April 15, 2022 in Port Saint Lucie, Florida.

Bernard Bright was one of the SOG hatchet force men who was part of Operation Tailwind.

SFC Bright directing his men aboard a Marine helicopter at the beginning of Tailwind. Notice his wearing of tiger stripes and the use a a CISO rucksack.

Photograph taken in Laos during Operation Tailwind. This is the foxhole where the wounded were attended by Sgt. Rose who was later awarded the DSC for his actions during the operation.

SFC Bright in formation receiving an award after Operation Tailwind. Notice Medic Mike Rose to Bernie’s left.

Below is a CAR15 handguard brought home by Bright and later given to a collector. His words about it below the image.

Of all the items I have received form SFC Bright, this is the one I value the most. During Operation Tailwind, SFC Bright was on the last chopper out of the LZ toward Kontum. Shortly after leaving the LZ, enemy gunfire caused their helicopter to crash. As the helicopter hit the ground, SFC Bright’s two front teeth slammed into the hand guard of his CAR-15 causing the large crack and teeth marks in the plastic. As personal an item as I would want to have! SFC Bright came away with two wounds during Operation Tailwind.

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  1. Garrett Massimin says:

    I was fortunate enough to have met Bernie in Port St Lucie.
    Really enjoyed talking with him at length about his military career.
    Rest in Peace 🇺🇲


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