1980 Combat Commander in .45 ACP made by Craig Wetstein. Straight out of gunsmithing school, Wetstein was one of the young guns that was building what is arguably the most famous custom 1911 ever manufactured—the famed Pachmayr Combat Special. After that, he left Pachmayr and opened his own shop called “Auto Shop” in Culver City CA. His guns are rare as hens teeth and very special. I was lucky enough to win this gorgeous Commander at a recent auction and it’s just kinda everything to me. Beautiful checkering fore and aft, low mount Bomar, snugged up Colt barrel, squared and checkered trigger guard, welded up (Behlert-esque) finger groove front strap that feels like it was made for my hand, beaver tail, ring hammer— it’s just everything. Craig was asked about the gun but he didn’t remember it. How do you forget this build? Swipe all the way left to see why Craig recently gave all way all of his gunsmithing tools to Karl Beining.

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