Trapper Gun Shop — Fraser Michigan, an old name, better known perhaps for their work on S&W Automatics, this 1977 Colt Government model is one of a few you will find with Trapper scrawled on the underside of the slide. Sure the work is a bit rustic by todays standards, but lets take a look at the extended Thumbsafety, a shop made part that started as a Colt teardrop safety. The welded up and shaped trigger guard hook. Also the Hoag clone beavertail, another shop made part that feels and looks spot on for this thing. Frame to slide nicely snugged up, and it wouldn’t be a Proper Trapper Colt without their K frame sight install, fun fact they sold these little install tool kits for a time to other smiths, I was lucky enough to come across this NOS tool kit, with instruction sheet.-Karl

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