This Colt came to me about 40% done, my client bought it and a box of parts from a deceased gunsmith’s estate. I told him to send it and I would see if it was worth saving/finishing. Well, this gun had been equipped with accurails, the Clark barrel and bushing expertly fit, the slide flats nicely flattened and Bomar mounted, ejection port machined lower, magwell almost half filed in, ejector and extractor nicely fit… I was surprising and inspired to bring it to the finish line, as I hope someone will do when I die with 30 unfinished ‘someday’ projects in the safe 😃

So, in keeping with the apparent era and vibe of the work done, I went ahead and hand checkered a no high cut frontstrap, fit a S&A (lower grip) beavertail reshaping the bump, forged the guard square and checkered it, serrated the rear of the slide, fit up a Greider trigger, Harrison sear/disco and a modified Colt hammer, the cherry on top being the Yost front sight, bluing over hardchrome and a pair of ollllllddd Houge grips.

Anyway, not a full house KGB, but I liked it enough to share-Karl

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  1. Wild, wild west says:

    Karl has all the things.


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