Some one or some group bought up the name of the old site after it expired. None of us here have anything to do with this new version and it looks pretty shady, lame and gay to me. Could be some Fed psyop or honeypot to trick you into going there and having your essence stolen.


  1. It is interesting that they mentioned you by name.


    1. John M. says:

      That is interesting. My read is that someone purchased it for your residual traffic.


  2. RSR says:

    If y’all didn’t sell it at auction as latest update reads, then you lost out and GoDaddy profited. It’s always worth putting a permanent redirect on old domains while trying to sell at auction, especially if it’s name is anything w/ broad appeal — if only for protecting your brand.

    Done beating this horse — just that I mentioned before it took me a awhile to find (and remember) the new site. Even though *I think* I saw you mention the name here or on substack late last fall/early winter once I found it; it sounded familiar. (Or might just be your former scattered shots topic/category on the old LR site.)


    1. Shawn says:

      Not being able to sell it or keep it was not my decision . Howard got very angry over money. I told him about this time last year that I was hit with 1. My Mother’s cancer and treatment and out of town trips. 2. Paying off my parent’s house after my Father dying since my Mother had no real income, 3. Having to settle my Father’s estate debts, lawyers etc. 4. COVID ending my other source of income for a couple years. This pretty much rendered me broke.

      I plainly told him I would be using a lot of the income generated by looserounds to help with my expense and/or anything else I felt I wanted to use it on and those things took priority over buying the weaponsman domain name at auction for me . I felt this was not unreasonable beings I generated 99 percent of the website’s content, came up with the name, paid for having graphics and logos made, selling add space and running all the social media for the entire existence of the site while he posted content maybe once a month and sometimes worked on the site. Which he even almost completely quit doing once Maya took over most of that.

      At the time he made no protests to me about it, I didnt give it as some ultimatum, I discussed it with him to make sure he was fine with it since he never showed any interests in the money generated by the site to begin with as long as it made enough to pay for itself and upgrades. In previous years he expressed no desire to turn on google ads until I forced the issue. We lost out of many thousands of dollars because of that.

      He didnt agree and left the site completely to me ( supposedly) and after I made a post bringing up the idea of some crowd funding, he got angry and locked me and everyone else out of the website for a week, debated deleting the site all together because he was angry, then opened it back up but blocked my and everyone else’s admin controls. At that point I couldn’t renew the site or do anything but post and he had abandoned it in a pissy fit. He insisted that he sent some paperwork to remove him from the joint bank account ( which I never received) and was holding the site hostage until i signed it. Which I would have, had I actually gotten that shit. He decided I was lying about it, though I have no idea why, and as far as I know never had duplicate paperwork sent. At that point I stopped giving a shit about that site, what he said or wanted and started the substack to save content before this website was ready so he couldnt delete everything in a fit. Once this was live I made a notification post on LR and washed my hands of it.

      I’m sure he would tell a story where I am a villain who wasted money buying gas and food instead of saving the weaponsman domain name or whatever.and thats fine. His worldview is just as valid I suppose. But thats the story from my side., take it or leave it.


      1. Jamal Jones says:

        I just went to do my every month or two look at the site to see what’s going on and check to see if the old site was still up and saw this.
        Sorry you had to go through all of that dude. It seemed like you guys were better friends than that but I guess he drifted away for some reason. It’s strange that he not only lost interest but then threw a fit over something he seemed to not care about anymore.
        Hope everything it going better for you now. If you see this, check out some websites called and and if you like them and setup an account then let us know.


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