TL:DR They’re good reproductions at a decent prices but I have some reservations

I bought a pair of the 2nd pattern jungle boots from What Price Glory. Overall they look really good. There are some differences from originals but they are pretty small for the most part. The leather feels solid and looks good and the color looks good. They toe box is deeper than a regular boot which may be welcome to some. The only major difference and one that does give me pause is the insole seems to be made out of fiberboard. I dripped some water on it and it didn’t soak in right away but did start to after some time. That and they are only made in wide sizes.

I don’t have an original 2nd pattern boot so I had to use a later 3rd pattern for the comparison. The only real main changes are the sole and reinforcing strip on the ankle.

Some water I tried pouring in there and photographing.

Also instead of the kevlar insole pads or whatever they were made of the boots come with these little foam ones. I bough some GI ones but apparently the lasts that they used for these are slightly different causing the GI pads to bunch a bit.

First Test Impressions
They are really voluminous. I guess they figured most people who would buy these things would be heifers. My feet were swimming in them the whole time and that was even with cinching the laces as tight as they would go. I’ll try to combine cushion socks and Dr Scholls next time (on top of the insoles) and see how that feels. The Vibram soles worked great though, no slippage in the loose dirt/gravel that we have here.

After that I picked up a pair of the thickest insoles I could find. Thickest at the toes to be specific. I put them on top of the GI insoles and the volume has completely been taken up now. Don’t even need cushion/boot socks. I think if I were to wear actual boot socks (and liners) with I might take the GI insoles out. They were $10 at Wal-fart. My only concern would be wearing the insoles in water they might soak up water. But after hiking around with the double insoles I had to stop and remove a set and now the boots were too tight and hurting my feet. I settled on wearing boot socks and the comfort insoles and that has been the hot ticket for fitting me personally.

If you have a pair of these I would recommend getting a pair of insoles first and if they’re still too loose then get the GI ones Since the modern ones take up more space. You could also get the GI’s and put the included foam ones over the top of them as they are both thin and that would help with the bunching of the GI insoles. Just expect to experiment a little.

Unfortunately I have not been able to do anything too extreme with them but I have now worn them enough that I am pretty happy with them. If you are looking for a retro boot our something to complete an earlier Vietnam collection then got for it.

I do have some reservations about the insole construction. It looks like simple fiberboard being help in by two rivets. So walking through water may cause them to break down. Also the long term durability may suffer from the to rivets versus the stitching. I live in essentially a desert so water test is difficult. (and I bought these myself and I’m not made of money so the idea of destroying them is not agreeable)

Don’t like to read or want to get REALLY anal? Here’s a video first impressions.

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