Sorry for the click bait-ish title but it got you too look didn’t it?

perfect example of a proper reload by the center/background Marine

I love the M1, it is such a classic rifle and fun to shoot. I assume that these days most people know what “Garand thumb” is and how it is really not the bane that its made out to be. For starters it is pretty uncommon if you load the M1 normally. But now and then I still come across those who are unfamiliar with it so I made a quick video to show you what it looks like.

Why did I make such a big show of the carrier? Well I did get “Garand finger” once doing an inspection. I racked it open to see if I had cleaned it and stuck my finder in the chamber. Bam! nice big welt on my finger. Of note too is that often you will have to give the charging handle tap forward to get the first round to strip. (I honestly have a feeling that this habit lead to the forward assist on the M16. Older officers maybe used to having to nudge the bolt didn’t like not being able to do that. Just a theory but I could picture the conversation)

Now what if you’re some sou’paw freak? Then what? Don’t worry I have you covered

So there you go, no excuses.

Now you can thank me by sending some ’06 my way.

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