A smattering of new custom 1911s owned by Pistol_Purview who you can find on instagram.

John Yanek out of Schnecksville, PA (2001 pistol-smith of the year) custom 80 series Colt in .45 ACP. My buddy has the bookend gun in 38 super. Whoever dies first the other guy gets the enantiomer gun, so I’m off to work out and then kale salad for lunch

Colt .45 ACP comp 1911 circa 1992 by Tim Brian, AKA CT Brian, AKA one of the GOATs

Hard chromed 70 series Colt chambered in .45 ACP built by Dr. Steve Woods out of Ellicott Maryland. The gun was checkering by Pete Single, who lived down the street from Steve. Steve was unique in that he used to charge clients $60 for phone consultations. I guess he liked the idea of being paid for talking, because he left gunsmithing in the late 80s to become a clinical psychologist. I have two of his builds and I have to say he was a hell of a mechanic. His guns are easy to recognize—they are adorned with the badass Lion of Scotland. This gun was built for a friend of a friend who passed away too young. These guns have a story to tell.

Colt series 80 “carry comp” in .45 ACP…builder yet to be determined. This unknown soldier was bought at auction by my buddy Big Tony, because there’s a lot of work here and it’s unique. He had hoped that the builder would reveal himself during the initial dissection (detail strip) but no markings or pathognomonic clues revealed the builder. So he decided to sell it. I don’t usually buy (or want) unknown soldiers, especially 80 series guns, but this gun just spoke to me. After all, who makes a good carry comp these days? Morris. Milks. Nighthawk. That’s about it. It was a little rough from years of dutiful carry. It has high edge wear, the front sight was buggered up, it was scratched to high hell, and it just lacked that certain Je ne sais quoi that we all seek in a custom 1911. Swipe left to see what an Ed Brown beavertail, EGW slide stop, Harrison trigger, Novaks thumb safety, Novaks front sight, Spegel double diamonds grips, and a dip in some bluing salts did for this old bitch. This is why I love 1911s. Like muscle cars, with the right parts, a little money, foolish desire, and the god given talent of a good pistolsmith, they can always be brought back to life. When they are done, they have so much soul.

The Pachmayr Combat Special was (and still is) one of those most iconic 1911s ever made. With an estimated 250 ever made, people have to die before they become available on the secondary market. So they’re rare right? Hold that thought. Ever hear of the Pachmayr Marksman? Probably not, because there were literally only a handful of them ever made. Here’s a seemingly unfired one! The Marksman (made circa 1983) was the replacement for the problematic Signature model and was essentially the target version of the Combat Special. It has the same accuracy guarantee (1.25” at 25 yards) with one notable difference —the presence of a spring-loaded breech face headspace eliminator. This model is rarely seen and was only briefly featured in Pachmayr literature. Swipe all the way left to see who you call when you gotta build a gun for the Gipper. Frank fucking Pachmayr…that’s who.

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