Smithfield, UT- Anarchy Outdoors, a leading industry innovator and supplier of precision rifle components, pistol upgrades, and other high-performance firearms accessories, has introduced a non-gunsmithing, Clamp-On Bolt Knob for the Remington Model 700 and similar rifles. This is a significant ergonomic improvement for these otherwise great firearms.  The new Clamp-On Bolt Knob lets the shooter easily add a larger, easier to grip bolt knob to their favorite Remington rifle without having to modify the bolt handle or bolt body. Easy installation was one of the main design criteria for the new bolt knob. It simply fits over and securely clamps onto the factory bolt knob without requiring special tools or the need to modify factory parts. Once installed, the hourglass shape and aggressive texture help more positively work the rifle’s action.

Anarchy Outdoor’s new Clamp On-Bolt Knob is made from 6061-T6 aluminum, making it durable, lightweight, and available in different colors including Black, Red, Blue, Gold, Purple, and Clear Anodized.  The Clamp-On Bolt Knobs have an MSRP of $49.99 and are now available.


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