TL;DR: Not for me

Last year I decided to try out an inflatable air mattress on our annual backpacking trip. I’ve always used either an original Thermarest 3/4 length pad or a Thermarest RidgeRest. Tried and true options but bulky and not particularly comfortable with their one inch or less of padding.

After doing some research I decided to get a Klymit Static V2 as it is considered the best bang for the buck. I was also impressed by the small size of it when packed. It rolls up to not much more than a soda can. As well as the two plus inches of cushion. The company says the design

So off on our trip it went. The small size was great for packing and was very handy. Now everyone says that the higher you go the more puffs it takes to inflate something. Well I lost count of how many puffs it took. Granted it might not be so bad a lower elevations (this was 9000 something) but still it is not a quick process. The same goes for deflation. It takes a good amount out time to get the air out of all the baffles.

Huffing and Puffing

The one thing that I noticed while trying this out at home but even more so on the trip is that the “wings” give me a sensation of falling when I roll towards the side of the mat. So I supposed they do keep you for rolling of but by waking you up. A design feature I was not too thrilled with. You effectively lose six inched of mattress width due to it as you now have to stay in the center of the mat.

The Idea of the edge wings is to cradle you to keep you on the mat.

The thickness of the mattress along with the baffles did definitely make side sleeping much more comfortable that my only pads so that was nice. The not so nice part was waking up in the middle of the night when the pad had completely deflated!

I must say I was pretty disappointed in the Klymit air mattress. I really wanted to like it but it just did not work for me in any way. I know a lot of people like them so I do not know if it is merely an issue with me or bad luck or the pad itself. So you may be one of those who loves it but for me it was just frustrating. I think the biggest deal breaker as the wings for me. The deflation could have been a puncture or valve malfunction. and the amount of inflation is an issue with all inflatables. But even if everything else worked perfectly the wings would still bother me so it’s a no. I’ll try a different pad soo and see how that works out.

Small packed size
Wings and the loss of usable space
Deflated on me
Slow inflation/deflation


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