Finally got the tires replaced on the MB this week so took it for a little light romping. Nothing too crazy since all the actual good spots are a good deal away and it was an improptu killing of an hour. Plus the suspension still needs to be reworked so I didn’t what to hit anything too hard and break something

As you can see the tires that were on it had seen better days. They were holding up surprisingly well but it was only a matter of time before they gave out. I think they reason they were still holding air was because the inner tubes were still intact in decent shape.

It looked like this over the entirety of all four tires

Looking and feeling much better with the new tires. I had been getting speed wobble up around 40 mile per hour with the old tires that is now essentially gone with the new ones. The front end could stand to be tightened up but it’s not a problem any more. Which I’m thankful for as that would be a time consuming project.

For the eagle eyed these are not military rims, but regular CJ rims. While not period correct they do allow me to just drop it off at the tire shop and have them swap and balance them for me.

Summer is just starting out here so there is still a little green in the mountain canyons. Everything else is brown and dead already. But it made for a nice little scenic drive.

Nothing too wild. I mainly wanted to try out the 4×4 gears and see out they were doing. Just put it in 4x Low and 1st gear and it pulls itself right along.

The oldest offered to be my camera man and get some action shots. So special thanks to him for being willing to hoof it for a glamour shot.

Everything seemed to run just fine. Did slip out of gear once on a downhill but that’s about it. I did seem to need to use the front lockers (which are a post war civilian add on) to get the best results. I’ll try and run it on blocks to see if it works without them engaged. But over all everything seems peachy.


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