I have a love/hate relationship with social media. I hate it because all the people I hate most in the world are on there. I love it because I get to viciously cyberbully those people. I also love it because I often get exposed to an upcoming film I wouldn’t have ever heard about otherwise. About two weeks ago I started seeing a paid ad on Instagram for an upcoming film called Dinner in America. Instantly I knew I was going to see this movie.

The trailer gives the impression of an over-the-top comedy with quick cuts and goofiness. I think it proclaims it has a Napoleon Dynamite-like sense of humor. Well, it isn’t quick cuts and goofiness, nor is it as dumb as Napoleon Dynamite. What it is, is a coming-of-age punk love story and a dark comedy that has a helluva lot of heart. It is excellent.


We follow two characters. One is a singer in a local punk rock band. He is so dedicated that he sells drugs and submits himself to medical testing to earn money to support his punk band. The other is a unique girl with some problems.  Refreshingly she is not the tired and worn-out manic pixie dream girl trope. She lives in a very straight-laced family, a family that is would too tight.

Being a fan of punk music and living with this family is frustrating for her, since they won’t even leave her in the house alone with a coffee maker plugged in.


The two meet one day while the punk rocker is running from the police. A relationship starts to bloom and we get to see a great love story put to film. They get into several misadventures, and every second of it is as entertaining as watching hot women mud wrestle. My elevator pitch, to sum it up, would be Licorice Pizza set in the ’80s and with punk rock.

The movie was made in 2020 but for some reason that won’t be mentioned, as it is just now about to get a very limited US release on May 27th with a subsequent VoD release on June 7th.


Dinner In America is top tier. If you don’t see this movie, I have no respect for you and never speak to me if you pass me on the street.

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