I first met Burian way back in 1999 at a gun store I was working at the time. Burian came in to order a couple of those “Mitchell’s Mausers” being advertised heavily in every gun rag. His Dad was a veteran of the 1st Infantry Division in WW2 and landed on D-Day. Naturally this lead to a life long interest in the war and the guns. Not long after he took my advice on getting a new hunting rifle and bought one of the Winchester Model 70 classics in .30-06 which you may recall seeing on the old website.

We become friends pretty quick after that and had many misadventures together. Burian was divorced and worked for the railroad. he was injured and had a multi million dollar lawsuit settlement with the R&R and then retired. So he had lots of money after retirement. He used that extra money to get his Class III dealer and you can recall me showing you his various belt fed machinguns like his M60 and HK21.

Burian married again to a wonderful woman that spoiled him. Three years later, about 8 months ago, she died of brain cancer. I spent a lot of time with him keeeping him company and trying to help him the best I could. He was alone in the world since his first wife turned his kids against him, He caught her cheating on him with a “friend” and so of course the ex-wife made him into the bad guy to the kids natch

Earlier this month was his 57th birthday. I called him to wish him a happy birthday and he said to me- “I hope this year is better than last, it can’t get any worse than that.” a few days later he had a massive stroke and was put on life support essentially brain dead. My dear friend lingered for a few weeks , then mercifully passed from this hell world this morning. May he rest in peace now that he has joined his beloved wife Sandy.

My friends, we have little time on this world as bad as it is. Stay in touch with your friends no matter how much effort it takes. And please think of Burian this week if you can.

I may take a few days off or slow posting schedule this week. I know you will understand.

Burian and his wife before the cancer took hold of her
Burian at age 19 in the 80s with his Mother.


  1. Wild, wild west says:

    We are diminished.


  2. Pathfinder says:

    Sorry to hear that.

    My condolences.


  3. John M. says:

    Condolences, Shawn. Take care.


    1. Shawn says:

      thanks buddy


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