I recently managed to gain access to my ancient photobucket account. A lot of photos from the last 12 years were in there. Most of them photos take for use on LooseRounds. I saved a lot of stuff since I never bothered to save it to any computer after I was done with it. Take a gander with me and let’s relive some old times.

Below you will see the original “logo” and header for the old site. That was the first year or two.

Below is the HK417 doing what it does best.

Some old Swiss rifles. This was taken during the project to convert them to center fire .41 Swiss and make hits at 300 yards.

Shooting the AUG A3 for review. As cool as I think they AUGs are, this ended any serious thought I had of buying one for real use.

Firing the Colt 6940Piston on full auto.

I really liked the Inland Mfg/ Ithaca Model 37 trench shotgun.

The two 901s. and some other colt’s. I still advise getting yourself a 901 if you can find one.

Sigh… My one of only 300 made, blued Delta Gold Cup elite. I loaned it to a good friend who died. His drug addict shitbird step-son immediately stole all of the pistols in the house and sold them for dope before I could get it back from his widow.

Exact same thing with my custom shop Anaconda. Loaned to Doc Koch and stolen by his step son.

Testing a FN SPRA3 before adoption by the WVSP for the sniper teams.

My Winchester Custom Sharpshooter II with PAS13 thermal. Bleow is the 901 with the PAS13.

At the Boone County, WV police range above and below. This is where we did the shooting tests on cars to demonstrate what was cover.

Bekow, me shooting the 1,000 yard iron site test with rack grade A2 and M855 ball.

Shooting hand tossed skeet with my 1911, Something friends make me do to new friends like I’m some magician. It’s nothing special. If you shot nothing but the same model handgun for 33 years you could do it too.

In 2014 I killed this 8 point with the 901 MARC. The first person in the world to take large game with the gun. I’m a little proud of that. Colt sent me the gun with just enough time left to zero it before season started.

I doubt anyone recalls this article, That combo above was so much fun. I killed many crows with that 6940 and optic before sending the scope back to Howard.

The old logo. I really liked that design. That’s the only thing I regret about the old site. That damned logo looked so cool! Since I own the rights to the old logo art and design I have pondered giving it to the new owners of LR domain name. I’m afraid it would cause too much confusion among readers though, so probably won’t.



  1. John M. says:

    Shawn, in the 6940 full-auto picture I think your grin is messing up your cheek weld.


  2. Rocketguy says:

    Looks like that covers a lot of useful data being collected and fun being had.


    1. Shawn says:

      yeah. sad to say most of it was lost when the old site went dark


  3. Kodiak says:

    I remember that article.

    You still consider the 6940 your go-to general purpose rifle? I remember you saying it did everything you wanted it to.


    1. Shawn says:

      I do . Still still use them exclusively. 100 sold on the Colt monolithic rifles


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