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The gunman who massacred 19 children and two teachers at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas lingered outside for 12 minutes firing shots at people in a funeral home across the street, before scaling a fence onto school grounds where he fired more shots. He then entered the school and barricading himself in a classroom before opening fire, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Victor Escalon, a regional director for the Texas Department of Public Safety, said he couldn’t say why no one stopped the deceased gunman, 18 year-old Salvador Ramos, from entering the school during that time Tuesday. Most of the shots Ramos fired came during the first several minutes when he entered the school, Mr. Escalon said.

DPS officials previously said an armed school officer confronted Ramos as he arrived at the school. Mr. Escalon said Thursday that information was incorrect and no one encountered Ramos as he arrived at the school. “There was not an officer readily available and armed,” Mr. Escalon said. -WSJ

Ramos began Tuesday morning shooting his grandmother in the face, then using her truck to drive to the school – crashing it into a ditch at around 11:28 am according to a timeline laid out by Escalon.

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Texas law enforcement officials ignored pleas from distraught parents as a gunman was left alone for up to an hour at a Texas elementary school – killing 19 children and two teachers, before a Border Patrol agent charged into the school and killed the suspect.

A woman cries as she leaves the Uvalde Civic Center, where authorities were reuniting children from Robb Elementary School with their parents after the shooting. William Luther, Staff, San Antonio Express-News

Go in there! Go in there!” women shouted at the police soon after the attack began, according to neighbor Juan Carranza, who told the Associated Press about the parents’ efforts to get the police to confront the shooter. Carranza said the officers did not go in.

Minutes earlier, Carranza had watched as Salvador Ramos crashed his truck into a ditch outside the school, grabbed his AR-15-style semi-automatic rifle and shot at two people outside a nearby funeral home who ran away uninjured.

Officials say he “encountered” a school district security officer outside the school, though there were conflicting reports from authorities on whether the men exchanged gunfire. After running inside, he fired on two arriving Uvalde police officers who were outside the building, said Texas Department of Public Safety spokesperson Travis Considine. The police officers were injured. –RealClear Politics

One parent, Javier Cazares, whose fourth-grade daughter Jacklyn was killed in the attack, said he raced to the school when he heard about the shooting, only to find that police weren’t moving in.

A family grieves outside of the SSGT Willie de Leon Civic Center following the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School on May 24, 2022 in Uvalde, Texas. (Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

Let’s just rush in because the cops aren’t doing anything like they are supposed to,” he said, adding “More could have been done.”

“There were five or six of [us] fathers, hearing the gunshots, and [police officers] were telling us to move back,” he told the Washington Post. “We didn’t care about us. We wanted to storm the building. We were saying, ‘Let’s go’ because that is how worried we were, and we wanted to get our babies out.”

One clip shows officers tackling parents outside the school to prevent them from rushing in. However, the precise timeline of the below videos compared to what was happening inside the school remains unclear…



  1. “ However, the precise timeline of the below videos compared to what was happening inside the school remains unclear…”
    My guess is that the timeline of the videos of the parents outside the school will be found to have happened after the horror inside the school was already over and the monster was dead.
    As always, I could be wrong.


    1. Shawn says:

      you are late and wrong. turns out it happened pretty much exactly as presented. Even the TX gov and police chief now admit it

      Liked by 1 person

      1. John M. says:

        Our society is bleeding credibility at an alarming rate.


        1. Indeed, it is, and in large measure, it is because we have given the “expert” class far too much crediiblity and power. It is past the point where the common man needs to become involved in politics, and holding elected officials accountable. We’re starting to see this happen in school board elections – but the inconvenient truth is that concerned parents should never have allowed the “experts” to take over school boards.

          Most of our public institutions are now infected by the intellectual vermin produced by the Ivy League schools, and it shows in many large businesses as well.


          1. Shawn says:

            voting isnt going to work anymore. we are passed that shit


          2. John M. says:

            It seems like local control would mitigate a lot of this stuff. Handing control over to the US Supreme Court or the union or whatever seems like a bad idea.

            But as Shawn points out, I don’t think there’s really a path to unwind all that stuff.


      2. I was wrong and I stand corrected


        1. Shawn says:

          it happens


  2. The performance of the police in this shooting in Texas, in Buffalo, at the Pulse nightclub in Florida, Columbine, etc show that police are racking up a track record of being worse than useless in these events. They prevent people from going in who are actually willing to get in there and do something, including EMS responders. Police and their defenders like to keep asking “What could/would you have done?!”

    Well, not stand around, doing nothing, for starters. Police cannot make a case (at least not with a straight face) that they need all this training and equipment if they don’t engage and do something. The implicit quid-pro-quo in “professional” policing is that we, the citizens pay taxes and give up some lattitude of our freedoms in order to have “professionals” who have training, proper equipment, legal authority, etc “enforce the law and provide public safety.” When police don’t engage and do something that is better/faster/smarter/more legal than the common citizenry would do, and they violate the law they’re supposed to be upholding, they lose any credible argument to continue their existence.

    With regarad to this most recent incident, lots of people are looking upon the actions of law enforcement and the results, and asking: “Where’s the improvement in performance from professional law enforcement over what the common citizenry would have done?”

    The most pathetic pablum to come out of law enforcement after the fact, however, are the lectures that “you can’t judge us, you weren’t there.” Well, guess what? The public CAN judge law enforcement. The public is paying law enforcement’s salaries and benefits. That gives the public the right to judge law enforcement. As in all things: “He who holds the gold makes the rules.” In the end, the taxpayers’ fury will find an outlet, and cops keep strutting around as if they enjoy an inevitable existence.

    Hint: They don’t. Public schools are beginning to discover this right now…


    1. Shawn says:

      Being one of The King’s Men is great work if you can get it


  3. Tom Stone says:

    The pack leader of the Uvalde PD is a dithering coward and the lesser members of the pack kept their place by obeying the “Big Dog”.
    Just obeying orders…
    And not just cowards, STUPID cowards.
    If all of these cops graduated from the Police Academy Uvalde’s PD must have strict HR guidelines or they wouldn’t consistently hire stupid cowards.
    How would like to be looking for a job with Uvalde PD as your latest employer?
    How’d you like your neighbors to know you work for the Uvalde PD, what happens when someone Doxxes you and publishes your and your family’s info on the ‘net?
    Body Armor, AR’s , Handguns, training and a 19 to one advantage.
    Pick any ten Parents at random and at least five of them would go after this little bastard with a 5 shot snub, no armor and no backup.
    Two or three would go after him barehanded or with whatever improvised weapon they could get their hands on.
    I take very little comfort in knowing that these Law Enforcement Officers will have very ugly futures, nothing can make up for their craven behavior.


  4. Wild, wild west says:

    Well, while their compadres were keeping the citizenry at bay, some of the King’s Men did summon the courage to go inside the building and bring their own kids out, so, they have that little piece of heroism going for them.


    1. Shawn says:

      Heroes 07


    1. John M. says:

      Those cops have a lot of enemies now.


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