From out pal, Bud Gibson

The last picture of Mr. Pete Wilson, ( back to camera) taken as they prepped at the Dak To launch site. Mr. Pete would fall back to help a wounded ‘yard and setup a defensive perimeter for the remaining men of the RT to make a tactical retreat to get to the extraction point safely. Sadly as Mr. Pete and the wounded Montagnard were bandaging up his leg they were hit. Mr. John Baker (sitting) was told by Mr. Pete to head east and keep moving! He heard yelling and a few gunshots and tried reaching Mr. Pete on the URC-10 radio and heard a frantic “MAY DAY, MAY DAY” then another volley of fire. He tried in vain to reach Mr. Pete, as he did he heard foreign voices come up on the comms. Sadly Mr. Pete and his fellow RT Arkansas Montagnard were never seen again. Weather and enemy activity prevented an immediate BL team insertion and Covey flights flew continuously over the area for 3 days searching. Sadly, to no avail. There are quite a few pictures and some solid info on Mr. Pete aka FAT ALBERT. I remember 1st coming across this warrior in my initial reading of Major Plaster’s SOG History book and thought wow, what a man!! October 10th 1970 -DATE OF ACTION


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