I love millennials and zoomers. I love them so much. Being a M1911 guy, you couldn’t ask for a better class of gun buyers. I love them because they believe internet memes about the 1911 with all of their hearts. They believe how the 1911 is old and obsolete and out-dated and unreliable. They believe it so much that one walked into a gun store and traded his Grandfather’s bring home M1911A1 in for an Anderson AR15 and I immediately bought the USGI M1911.

Bless his stupid little heart.

Thank you for taking such good care of it unknown deceased Grandpa.

I have wanted a good shape USGI A1 for soooo long. The price keeps going up for them every year as they get harder to find.

I had to shoot it immediately. Whacking this falling steel target at 50 yards off hand was a surprise to me. Using plain all Winchester 230 military ball.

Above target was shot at 10 yards offhand using the ball ammo. What more could you ask for? Especially for a gun that the internet tells me can’t hit a barn from the inside.

Another target shot at 20 yards.

Not to bad at full 25 yards.

Of course I had to try it at a full 100 yards. That is 2 mags fired off hand at 100 yards. Ammo is the 230 grain USGI ball.

No, I didn’t shoot with only one hand.

One of the best days I have ever had in a gunstore in many years. The 1911A1 was a real pleasure to shoot. Sometimes I forget how much I like the short trigger. I have little stubby fingers and the short trigger is better for me. For years I have meant to swap my CCW guns to shorter triggers but never got around to it. With the pinched nerve in the left arm and the arthritis in my right hand, the shorter trigger lets me get more finger on the trigger for better control. I hurt when shooting handguns anymore and need to start thinking about making some changes to the guns to accommodate that. For now I am confident my ability hasn’t really declined enough to matter yet.

A nice bright sunny evening helped with the GI sights and my crummy vision but they are a huge step up from the original M1911 sights.



  1. axattax says:

    Reminds me of the old D-Day meme, except in this case the zoomer’s grandfather is in the landing craft, saying, “I’m fighting so my grandson can trade my treasured pistol for a bottom tier AR.”


    1. Shawn says:

      lol, funny you say that. I come very close to using that meme for this post


  2. BAP45 says:

    Damn that thing is clean too, hardly any wear.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Shawn says:

    probably the luckiest day in a gun store I’ve ever had


  4. Tom Stone says:

    Good for you, Shawn!
    And I’m not surprised by the accuracy shown by a stock A1 in near new condition.


    1. Shawn says:

      thanks buddy


  5. Pathfinder says:

    Good looking pistol.
    His stupidity is your gain.


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