Since the original 2012 review is now “pining for the fjords” as Hognose used to say, I thought I would bring it back for the 10 year anniversary. I recently was able to gain access to me old photobucket account long enough to save the pictures used for the original articles.

Above is the brand spanking new LE901. I had no had it home 10 minutes when I took those pictures. I went on to take a series of very detailed photos of the gun and it’s parts. I then went on to do accuracy testing of the gun with a variety of ammo.

During accuracy testing, I was even able to smash this crow at 115 yards.

The 901 shot so good, I tested it at 1,000 yards and beyond. The hits made from 1,000 I circled in blue and the ones at 1,200 I circled with a green marker.

I used a Leupold 18X target/varmint scope in a Larue SPR mount for all testing.

The now overgrown and useless area used for the 1,000 plus accuracy testing.

I don’t remember everything I said about the gun in the original reviews. God Knows I’ve said a lot about the 901 since then and I’m sure a lot of people are tired of me talking about it.. I hope the old test targets are still useful if you are considering buying a 901 second hand.



  1. Jamal Jones says:

    Did you ever compare this against its competition from LMT, KAC, and other companies?

    I always like this. It seemed like a really practical DMR type rifle.


    1. Shawn says:

      we did. it was all on the old site


  2. Mark E Winkler says:

    Still have/love mine! Wish they would make more. I shoot left-handed and it is a good platform with both the .308 and 556 uppers for left handed shooters.


    1. Shawn says:

      i agree. its a great rifle. Still in love with the 901 myself


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