Ian’s boyfriend , karl the Cuck had this to say abotu Father’s day. Never let it be said Karl would miss a chance to virtue signal to the left.


  1. J S says:

    Wonderful. Imagine the monsters this winner would sire if he did manage to procreate with a functional biological female. If he truly cared, he would skip the vasectomy and sodomy and go ahead and eliminate his problematic white self from the gene pool. However, one cannot enjoy a saucy lil virtue signal if they are dead.


    1. Shawn says:

      I dont know why he bothered. he cant get pregnant from dudes cumming in his ass


      1. Bill says:



    2. Jamal Jones says:

      That was my thought. He needs to prove how serious he is and donate everything he owns to a BIPOC (BI-sexual Person Of Color) and delete himself from the gene pool. Him not having children is actually doing us all a favor since a satanic jewish tranny loving faggot like Karl the Kuck Kasarda not having offspring is natural selection actually working for once in a long time.

      Shawn called this a looong time ago and I think it was on looserounds about a year or two ago when I first heard the truth about Karl.


  2. John M. says:

    They hate fathers because they hate the Father.


  3. Tom Stone says:



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