Recently I saw and ad for one of OAF Nation’s patterned button ups. Naturally I got the P42/Frogskin one. I opted for the tan as a compliment to the Otte Gear green one I got recently.

Apparently they are made on demand as it took a month or more to receive mine. The overall quality seems decent though. No major stitching issues, a little loose threads in the button holes but not a deal breaker. They seem to make a concerted effort to get the pattern to match up which is appreciated. The pattern itself is the correct sizing and shading as real P42 camo as well. A lot of shirts I’ve seen before change it either in the sizing or coloration, usually both.

The material is polyester and akin to sports shirts so it has a slight sheen to it. It is also pretty breathable and dries very fast.

The cut of their shirts is a bit different, so if you want a more fitted look order a size down. I usually wear a medium or large depending on the fabric or manufacture and the small OAF shirt fits just right. So make sure you consult the size chart when ordering. The pattern is a little longer than I would expect but that’s a personal taste thing. I especially like the lack of any ostentatious logo on the shirt. never been a fan of logos.

Overall I’m very happy with it and would not mind giving them a recommend.

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