The Supreme Court has overturned Roe vs. Wade, returning the decision on whether or not abortion is legal to individual states.

In a Friday decision written by Justice Samuel Alito – the May 2 leak of which led to widespread protests and an attempted murder against Justice Brett Kavanaugh – the court overturned the 1973 case which guaranteed access to abortion nationwide.

Justices Breyer, Sotomayor and Kagan unsurprisingly dissented.

The case at issueDobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization challenged a Mississippi law that banned most abortions after 15 weeks. Lower courts, citing a previous ruling in Planned Parenthood v. Casey preventing states from banning abortion within the first 24 weeks of gestation, had prevented Dobbs from being enacted – which the Supreme Court just reversed.

Earlier this month, President Joe Biden said that there would be a “mini revolution” in November’s midterm elections if the landmark decision was overturned – insisting that overturning the law would be “ridiculous” and would drive Democrat turnout in November’s midterm elections.

“I don’t think the country will stand for it,” he said, adding “If in fact the decision comes down the way it does, and these states impose the limitations they’re talking about, it’s going to cause a mini revolution and they’re going to vote these folks out of office.



  1. Rocketguy says:

    Now we get to watch the pro-lifers fume as the commies ignore the law just as they do with guns.


  2. Tom Stone says:

    Thankfully these abortion bans will only affect the poor and lower middle class, those who have a little (Or a lot) of money will still be able to have a safe abortion done.
    Coathangers are for poor people!


    1. Shawn says:

      doing right is never wrong


    2. John M. says:

      Tearing apart babies in their mothers’ wombs is wrong no matter who is doing it. The less of it there is, the better.

      And from a purely sociological level, there’s nothing at all new about the elites ignoring the moral code the plebs are held to. 60 years ago, however, we decided to stop holding even the plebs to a moral code. How’s that working out for us?


      1. Tom Stone says:

        Other than cases of Rape and incest most women choose to have an abortion for economic reasons.
        If they have that child they are condemning themselves and their child to a life of hopeless poverty, without that child the MIGHT have a chance at a decent life.
        I have spoken to a number of Women who have had abortions and with one exception ( She was insane) they grieved over their choice for as long as they lived.
        Want to reduce abortions?
        Give those Women a better choice.
        They are not ( For the most part) monsters, they are people who do not have a better choice in this Society.

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        1. John M. says:


          Every murderer in history has had an excuse for the murder. Among those excuses, “I murdered my baby because I might not be able to buy him an XBox” surely has to be among the worst. In America even homeless tweekers can get enough calories to be fat.

          Secondly, I have One Weird Trick to make it so that another generation of women doesn’t have to spend the rest of their lives trying to wash out the blood on their hands.

          This is all ground that has been trodden over the last 50 years. Roe was an awful decision legally, jurispridentially and morally. It is gone now, and may its memory be damned. Feel free to take the last word.

          On a personal level, how has your health been? It’s good to see you around; sometimes I worry about you if it’s been a couple of weeks since I saw your name.


        2. Shawn says:

          birth control pills cost about 7 bucks for a month. the gas station down the road sells rubbers in the restroom for 50 cents each. Women on welfare can get a B control shot that lasts a few months for no cost to themselves.

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