This shooter in Chicago from today. They are already scrubbing all of his social media. His twitter posting history and everything about him scream obvious far left kook. Don’t let them control the narrative about him being some trump supporter.

“Hello Comrades”

All of his twittter “likes” are of far left shitbaggery \.



  1. Tom Stone says:

    There’s no shortage of whackjobs on the Left,or the Right.
    And the ones at the extreme “Left” and the extreme “Right” seem to be very similar kinds of authoritarian assholes.
    Quite a few are able to jump from Kraken to radical Trotskyite and back without blinking.
    I dislike Trots a great deal,Leo Strauss and Professor Donald Kagan come to mind.
    And Kimberley Kagan of the Institute for the Study of War,her brilliant brother Bobby who wrote
    the famous “Plan for a New American Century”.
    And his delightful wife ‘Toria Nuland who bought Ukraine for $5 Billion back in 2014.
    Maintenance costs have gone up a bit since then…
    From Serbia in 1999 on these people have been among the most influential and effective war mongers in history.
    They have been instrumental in causing every US intervention since, and have always managed to fail upwards as each intervention has become a disaster.
    This is who is in charge of Ukraine policy for “The big Guy” who really doesn’t have any conflict of interest because he can’t always remember where to sit, let alone what Ukraine is.
    We’ll see a lot more censorship in the future as the USA devolves into a low trust society.


  2. People who actually know the history of the US know that most political violence has originated on the left.

    Most people who know this history also know that the left tries to either disappear their violence down a memory hole, or try to spin the perp(s) into right-wingers.

    eg, look at the JFK assassination. Left wingers try to spin this as a CIA plot, the Mafia, etc, etc. They refuse to believe that their little commie POS shot Kennedy. 60 years we’ve been listening to the left spin their wild theories and absurd BS. It was a commie – a full-blown, married-a-Soviet-woman, went to the USSR, commie.

    Or we could look at the Antifa group. Hard-core lefties. Plenty of violence. Or the Weather Underground. Unrepentant commies, and nearly all of them from upper middle-class homes.


    1. BAP45 says:

      Yup, off the deep end right usually means an asshole, off the deep end left usually means mental disorder.


  3. Wild, wild west says:

    How Mother Nature says “do not touch.”


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