The boys over at pre64win found a real treasure. I have my doubt about it being an actual USMC sniper rifle though.

The serial number does not appear in Chandler & Chandler vol. 1, but every other detail of this “US PROPERTY” marked 1941 marksman .30-06 checks out. The details include a “USMC SNIPER” marked Unertl 8x scope, which is documented to be US military issue. This is almost certainly an original US Marine Corps sniper rifle. We discovered it in an elderly farmer’s collection.



  1. Wild, wild west says:

    Too nice, maybe? I really have no clue.


    1. Shawn says:

      how would it have been used in Vietnam, retained all of those accessories and then come back and get out into civilian hands? Also , Model 70 rifles were never bought by the USMC for the purpose of sniper use. they were bought by special services and the marines for use at rifle matches.


  2. Wild, wild west says:

    If it did get taken to Viet Nam, it had to have sat untouched in an arms room until it was brought back. So unlikely, I don’t believe it. I got two Model 52 C rifles from CMP marked on the receiver ring like that, but the 40X 22 I got from CMP when they were getting rid of all the 52’s and 40X rifles some time back was roll marked USMC. Anybody can run an electro pencil or whatever made those US marks, just sayin’.


    1. Shawn says:

      its from the right serial number range. But I think it was just a rifle team rifle. It never saw use in Vietnam as a sniper rifle.


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