Last week I was at Brady’s and he sent these home with me. There are the jungle boots he was issued in 1969 and wore the rest of his 18 months in Vietnam. He had them in his shop every since I have known him. I would see them every time and wonder why he wouldn’t put some polish on them. He used them to cut weeds in.

I brought them home and replaced the nearly gone laces with 550 cord and added some polish until some leather treatment I ordered comes in. Me and Brady have the exact same shoe size so I am able to wear them. Even after all these years they are still fine more or less. The rubber hasn’t cracked.The leather only looks bad on the surface.

You can see the heel where an AK round clipped his boot as he dove for cover.

Below is the famous metal protection from punji stakes.


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  1. Wild, wild west says:

    Haven’t worn mine in years. After ETS, worked construction and poured concrete in them many times, and it shows, but I’ll never part with them.


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